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Accurate Digital Maps for the most demanding applications

Mercator offers a rich set of digital maps covering Greece and other European countries.

We offer digital maps for rural areas :

  • Municipality level
  • Zip-code level
  • County level

and for urban areas :

  • street level
  • building block level

Some representative maps are :

Map Description
Basin of Athens street map Covers the whole Athens Basin (70+ Municipalities) with all the street network (street names, street numbering, zip code boundaries, several useful landmarks).
Thessaloniki street map Includes similar information as above but for the broader urban area of Thessaloniki.
Street maps for Greek cities Includes similar information as above but for the largest cities in Greece.
Zip code map for Greece Covers both urban and rural areas.
Map of Municipalities for Greece Covers the boundaries of the Greek Municipalities, and their town centers (6,500 records approx). The same dataset includes the Greek counties ("nomoi", 51 boundaries).
Greek Road network map Divided into four levels of information, the National, Primary, Secondary and Agricultural roads.

Mercator also offers several geocoded databases :

Banks network, with name of each point, telephone etc.

Super-Market network, with name, Chain name, no of cashiers, parking facility etc.

Mercator can offer the possibility to build custom digital map-data sets upon request. For a full catalog of the datasets available, please contact us…

Real Maps from the Real World

   Have a look at the maps below to find out how Mercator's Geographic Information Integrated products and services, can help your company :

You can save these sample maps on your disk and print them out in full color.


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Mercator can provide solutions and undertake projects for large companies who plan to invest in Information Technology. More…

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