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Having access to accurate information is a vital factor in the productive operation of a company or organisation. In today's economy, the ability to retrieve the right kind of information from a larger set of data in the right time, can be a decisive move towards success.

   Mercator Ltd is a private IT company established in 1993, offering standard and custom enterprise-wide solutions in the Decision Support Systems market.

   Mercator is the premier Business Partner of Sage Software the maker of SalesLogix, the leader in the mid-market Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ACT, the best selling contact manager worldwide.

   Mercator is acting as Premier Partner of Oracle, the leader in Business Intelligent Systems and Enterprise Reporting worldwide. Along with it's Business Partners, Mercator offers state of the art Integrated Query, Analysis and Reporting systems for the entire Enterprise.

   Mercator offers Geographic Information (GIS) turn key Business applications. Using highly sophisticated tools, high quality digital map data and updated demographic and socioeconomic data, we are promoting solutions both to the public and private sectors. Departments within the companies which could benefit by using GIS, are Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales and Operations and Network management. A complete solution for companies with large distribution networks has been formulated.

   Mercator uses the experience of its staff in several fields to provide solutions and undertake projects, for large companies who plan to invest in Information Technology. Extensive experience has been gained for the shipping, automotive, banking, pharmaceuticals, retail etc. sectors of the market.


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Mercator can provide solutions and undertake projects for large companies who plan to invest in Information Technology. More…

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Mercator distributes and supports integrated Geographic Information Systems solutions, in the form of accurate digital maps and complete socioeconomic and demographic data. More…

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OTE: Mercator has supplied OTE with an Integrated Geographic Information System to support the point of sales network development of the organization. More…


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