Customer Case Studies

OTE Logo    OTE : Mercator has supplied OTE, the Greek National Telecommunication authority, with an Integrated Geographic Information system to support the point of sales network development of the organization.

The system consists of digital maps of Greece, referenced to socioeconomic and demographic data as well as other custom databases. The system is the base module in a series, for the implementation of the organization's methodology in sale-point and site selection for it's telecom products and services. The system also helps other departments such as Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.

Mercedes Benz Logo    MERCEDES BENZ HELLAS : Mercator has implemented an integrated "vertical" CRM solution for the company, based on SalesLogix. This solution gives the company the ability to manage its customer base, as well as its future customers, from within a central application. Also from the same system the company can manage its vehicle fleet and make such associations as car-customer-distributor and service history.

This kind of solution helps the Customer Relations department to filter the customers according to various criteria such as car or customer attributes and initiate marketing campaigns or service offers.

The system, named "SalesLogix Auto", is a customer-wise platform that collects all the important information about a customer in one tab giving the ability to use that information for organizational, marketing, service and support purposes.

Carrefour Logo    CARREFOUR : Mercator supports Carrefour's store-site selection process in Greece by supplying digital maps covering the whole country, as well as custom geocoded databases attributed with critical data related to Carrefour decisions. The supplied data are adapted to the company's custom methodology.

Bayer Logo    BAYER CROPSCIENCE : Bayer Hellas is the largest distributor of pharmaceutical and agrochemical products in Greece. Mercator has developed an integrated MIS system for the whole enterprise. Bayer's objective was the dissemination of the corporate information to all decision makers and information consumers.

Mercator has implemented a MIS system functioning with security over the Internet, with all the required Key Performance Indicators. The back-end of the system was developed on Microsoft's SQL Server while the the front end was based on Oracle's Hyperion Enterprise suite, one of the most powerful analytic machines available today.

The system improves dramatically the decision making process, since Bayer's personnel can retrieve the information wanted, any time, from anywhere inside or outside Greece.

Alfa Logo    ALFA AGRICULTURE : Mercator, using Oracle's Hyperion Performance Suite tools, has created a full-scale web portal so that the management of the company can quickly get informed about its progress.

The Portal communicates with the data warehouse, also developed by Mercator, collecting data from various sources (such as SEN) and fuelling a series of dynamic reports which provide crucial information to the users thus helping them in their decision-making process.

The data flow is completely automated. The actual architecture of the whole implementation and the tools that are used support the automatic forwarding of information (push) and the retrieval of data at will (pull).

The portal itself supports the viewing of non-dynamic information as well, such as brochures, technical descriptions, employee regulations etc.

Euro Pisti Logo    EURO PISTI : Euro Pisti is a large insurance company that needed to improve their reports and other printed material, using lettertypes, graphics and special layouts, in order to turn them into forms with an increased aesthetic factor.

Specifically, the material that was used by the company for communication with their customers (contracts, stationary etc.) and their partners (reports, invoices etc.) were redesigned utilizing BI Publisher's environment and were improved aesthetically.

In this way the company updates its profile towards the public and their partners by showing their ability to implement technologies that enhance their products and services, increasing their communication skills and overall status.

The procedure:

  • Mercator implemented the solution in a Linux environment
  • The company's personnel was trained in the design process of the forms
  • Microsoft Word was selected as the main working tool

Therefore, a BI Publisher user has all the strong design tools that Word has to offer (fonts, colors, graphics, alignments, columns, tables, charts, forms etc.) that provide the production of pixel perfect, media-rich documents.

The personnel were also trained in application administration (access control etc.) and in the design of the workflow for important forms (contracts, receipts etc.) utilizing BI Publisher's abilities to export the same documents into a variety of channels and types (saving as rtf, pdf, printing, publishing etc.).

Finally, a special open-architecture application was developed using JDeveloper, giving the opportunity for the users to initialize BI Publisher from within other tools (e.g. Oracle forms) using specific parameters such as report name, client info, document type (e.g. pdf), print and file preferences etc.

This solution gave the company the ability to utilize BI Publisher through its current infrastructure, in a safe and trustworthy way (the calls, parameters, access privileges are not accessible by anauthorized users) that is fully controllable from within existing IT applications.


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