Our Large Customer Base

Below you can find a sample of our growing customer base :

Customers  Description
OTE   More... The Greek National Telecommunication authority.
Greek subsidiary of Mercedes Benz.
THEODOROPOULOS The distributor of Mercedes Benz Hellas in the whole area of the Peloponese.
LION HELLAS The main distributor of Peugeot in Greece.
CARREFOUR   More... France. The large international supermarket chain.
EURO PISTI   More… Large Insurance Company.
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE The largest Bank in Greece.
COMMERCIAL BANK OF GREECE Second largest Bank in Greece.
ICAP Business service and data provider.
BAYER HELLAS   More... The largest pharmaceutical and agrochemical company in Greece.
BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM Pharmaceutical company.
NOVARTIS Pharmaceutical company.
ALFA AGRICULTURE   More… One of the major agro-chemical producers & suppliers in Greece.
SEFCO ZEELANDIA Raw material supplier of bakeries and confectionaries.
GOODYEAR HELLAS The large multinational, tires and rubber manufacturer and distributor.
ING GREECE Financial services organisation.
PHOENIX - METROLIFE Insurance company.
ANEK S.A. Shipping company and ferry operator.
FOURLIS BROS Home appliances manufacturer and General Electric distributor.
AB VASILOPOULOS Supermarket chain.
YGEIA Private Medical Center.
United Nations Environment Program.
ELINYAE Greek Institute of Job Security and Health.

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